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Recipes For A Winning Diabetic Lifestyle!



2008: Accentuate The Positive!



Abundant apologies for missing the first six months of 2008!! First we were challenged with illnesses and elder-care issues  and then it was tax time (ugh!)  

Most recently, our wonderful 12-year-old granddaughter Taylor has come to live with us.  Just when we thought things were back on track,  my computer was attacked with a near fatal virus!!  

We're working hard to get back on schedule with some summer features by the end of July and . . .


Thank you  for your continuing support of Cinnamon Hearts with your return visits.  Your emails and kind words  in support of our website are always welcome and appreciated!


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SUMMER  2008

Note: Articles are  available  and linked when they are underlined


And Then Came Dessert
(A Whole New Book of Sweets!)

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(Articles are available when they are underlined)


Attitude Is Everything!

Diabetes & Cooking
With Alcohol

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SUMMER  2008
(Articles are available when they are underlined).


Never Give Up!
By Audrey Derryberry-Massey
(Whether you're newly-diagnosed or "running on empty" with your diabetes regimen,  jump-start the remainder of 2008 with this inspiring  true story!)

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The Recipe Feature Archives are continuing to be revised.  Some of the features have been removed  for reformatting and a few new
features have been added.

Click here for over 2,500 recipes

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Add Some Zest To Your
Holiday Recipes

Angelic Desserts

Crazy For Cranberries

Dazzling Desserts & Baking Tips

Holiday Cookies

Ginger: The Bright Spice

Kwanzaa: A Healthy Definition of
Body & Soul (Food)

Las Posadas ~ Foods For
La Navidad

Lighter Delights For Hanukkah

Sweet  Endings For Your
Hanukkah Celebrations

Sweet Gifts From Your Kitchen

Start Your New Year With These
Good Luck Foods!

Vegetarian Plate: An American
Country Christmas
By Nava Atlas

You Deserve Some Sweet Treats!

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The Eating Season is here! It begins with that first slice of Thanksgiving turkey and will last through the   "Good Luck Foods" on New Year's Day.  Visit our menu of articles to help avoid the extra pounds or emotional holiday stress that derails your best intentions.

After The Binge Is Over
(Remedies for repairing your
holiday indulgences)

Are You Digging Your
Grave With Your Mouth?
(This might surprise you!)

Blocking Holiday Weight Gain
by Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN

Eating Without Rules
(Good Food vs Bad Food)

Five Conversations You MUST Have With Your Spouse Before
The Holidays Arrive
(Money, inlaws, expectations, etc.)

Float Your Bloat
(How to party bloat-free!)

I Believe In You, Santa
By Mike Bellah, PhD

Tips To Help Curb Your
Child's Holiday Appetite

What's Your Holiday CQ?
(Are your social skills honed and ready for the holiday season?)

(Held over to December)

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Holiday Memories of the Heart
By Audrey Derryberry-Massey

(A true holiday classic!)

Merry Christmas '99
by Audrey Derryberry-Massey

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Library Notes
Book Reviews , Etc.
(Update: Coming Spring 2008)

Taking Back The Kitchen: Resolve To Cook It Yourself!

Favorite Links

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Dear Visitors:

     Welcome to Cinnamon Hearts ~ Recipes For A Winning Diabetic Lifestyle! Cinnamon Hearts is a major resource for all who are looking   for  delicious diabetic recipes, nutritional information, motivational  encouragement,  book reviews and articles for living a winning diabetic lifestyle! 

     Even though our primary focus is culinary,  we realize how important attitude and a spiritual awarness are in developing coping skills for living with the challenges of a chronic illness. We also understand that this is a total family process and we'll be featuring plenty of good "food for thought" in those areas.

     For all of you who question our use of small amounts of sugar (per serving) in the recipes we publish, please make time to read Debunking The Sugar Myth and the Newest ADA GuidelinesNote: The 2008 ADA Guidelines will be updated in the next issue!

      For Newcomers:  We always leave the prior month's Recipe and  Food For Thought features available in the sidebar,  just to the left of these announcements.

     Having type 2 diabetes, I know what it's like to live with this unpredictable disease because I live with it every day. There are times when "life happens," and some of the articles will not get published as quickly as planned. And because I must adjust according to daily circumstances, the publishing schedule operates on an "ongoing" basis throughout the month. Feel free to return as often as you wish to check on the progress of the features you're interested in reading; we love to have you return for another visit!

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     In the meantime,  remember to stay focused in the present, because every moment is a gift!

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   Please Note: Recipes with refined sugar may not be suitable for all diabetics.
     Most of our recipes incorporate small amounts of refined sugar per serving, which is in keeping with the  revised  guidelines for people with diabetes, issued by the American Diabetes Association Committee On Nutrition in 1994.       We strongly urge that you  check with your physician,, primary diabetes health care provider, registered dietitian or nutritionist, or your health care team on how to incorporate our recipes, or any recipes from our cookbook reviews, into your daily meal plan. 

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